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Thanks for visiting us, and checking out the Smart Soccer Trading video tutorial series.

First a bit of background on how they have come about.

My name is Steve Davidson and essentially I bring sports and horse related products to the market place, now I make sure that they do what they say they do.

Over the last few years I have worked closely with a young guy, called Michael, most you will know of him. In fact when I bring a product to the market place, many email me and ask " is it Michael's latest". Yes, he has a following.

Michael, eats, lives and breathes sports betting and horses. He is a fulltime trader on Betfair and the bulk of his income is from these activities.

What makes Michael's approach so refreshing is that he thinks outsize of the box a lot, and none more evident than in these video's especially the 14 live trade videos.

Trading soccer is a very good way to increase your income, why?

Unlike Forex (currency trading), there are no major events that can wipe you out. If like me you have tried Forex, you can get bundled out of your position, by one news anouncement, like new house sales in the US are down. You are trading the US v Pound market, bingo market drops a cent you lose the whole position, gone.

Soccer, this is not the case the leverage and trade opportunities are wide and varied and not as volitile. And it is played 12 months of the year around the clock, so it can fit most peoples busy schedules.

So of Michael's trades you are in the market 10 minutes, that is all. So you are not tying up loads of time if you are time poor.

You can start with a small bank and build from there, yes can all be done on Betfair.

If you like me are in Australia, and live trading on sports is illegal via the net, you can still do some of the trading methods, not all but you can get involved, although you will need to use the telephone to close out.

NO, Michael does not watch the matches on TV as he says this is to restrictive, and you get involved in the entertainment side of the game, and the trading suffers.

You will get the sites you need to monitor the scores, and also a site that shows how the bookies are adjusting the markets for how they think the game will end.

Soccer is certainly a game of stats, and this is important in seeing which games you will get involved in. Michael shows you all the sites he uses for reasearch and following the progress of games.

Yes you can trade more than one game at a time, although it is best not to do more than 2 at a time.

In the videos, 14 are live trading, and you see how to deal with trades when they go against you (it happens).

Cross trading markets is a favour way Michael gets leverage and insurance. Reading a game 2 goals ahead can pay be dividends, also allowing for the unexpected can be very cheap insurance, you will see this.

Soccer is the biggest sports played worldwide. If you are in soccer trading, then you would be as busy as any NASDAQ trader or a LONDON stock exchange trader because soccer is almost played 24 hours a day across the globe.

Liquidity is also amazing if you specially focus on European soccer.

Smart Soccer Trading is an amazing video series which will take you through from the most basic concepts of soccer trading to more complex strategies which professional traders use daily.

Betfair, the largest betting exchange of the world, has given punters the exciting world of soccer trading. There are more than 20-25 different Betfair markets available on any soccer match which you can trade.

But do you really know how to trade these different markets?

Do you know how to take advantage of different cross markets?

Do you know how to insured your bets ?

Smart Soccer Trading will teach you all this in a video format.

 You will find lot of strategies in this series. That you will profit from.

There is ample content here to give the aspiring trader an excellent introduction and insight into the world of sports trading.

Why should I buy SST

We can only say if you are interested in soccer trading and really want to explore new world of soccer trading then Smart Soccer Trading is must buy for you.

We can 100% guarantee that in Smart Soccer Trading, you will lot of stuff which you would have not seen before.
Also we will  continue to add more strategies into our package as next season starts in Aug’12 and you will have access to them also without any extra price.

You are getting access of 25 video's at a nominal price of 99 GBP (Premier Package Best Option)

5 hours of video's in total.


Michael Opens One of his Betfair Accounts to Proof this is Good Material.




Video Runs just over 2 minutes.


What would £200 or £500 a week do for your life style?

With very safe Soccer Trading, these amounts are very real to make.


There is a client's summary we recieved.


Nice start to the season?


This is a Video Tutorial Series, you view them through our secure Portal.

We are offering a huge reduction, in the OFF SEASON sale.

Smart Soccer Introduction Package. Stage 1

This covers the basics you need to know before you can trade successfully it covers.

  1. How To Plan Your Trading Day

  2. Trading Softwares

  3. How To Use Auto Calculate an what if features.

  4. Football Calendar

  5. Liquidly Issues

  6. Which Websites to use

  7. Horse Trading v Soccer Trading

  8. Factors that Influence Soccer (beyond your control).

  9. Understanding Different Soccer Market (within the same game).

  10. Maximize your Profit, Minimize your Losses

  11. Understanding Asian Handicap

  12. Lay the Draw & Correct Score Trading Strategy

    Run time of video's 151 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes)

These 12 online video's give you a solid background on how to best reasearch the games, what leaques are most suitable.

Which sites to watch live score results, and it gives you on strategy that you can use to start making money trading soccer.

This is only the first building block in the series of three, however you nned to know Michael's thinking in the early video's so that the other trading strategies make sense to you.

Smart Soccer Trading Gold Package Stage 2.

( 19 video's in total, 12 introduction, plus 7 more)

Includes, Introduction, Stage 1. plus the following.

This package has 7 video's showing live trades, and it shows also when trades don't go your way.

  1. Under 2.5 goal and first Goal Market.

  2. Buying High & Selling Low

  3. Halftime 0-0 and Fulltime 0-0

  4. Halftime 0-0 and Fulltime 0-0 (with a stop loss)

  5. Halftime Score Market, with under 2.5 if scoreline is 0-0

  6. Halftime Score Market, with under 2.5 if scoreline is 0-1 (with goal)

  7. Lay The Draw & Cover All Draws

This package is 80 minutes of live trades.

This will get you really up and running after you have seen the clever ways Michael uses the cross markets to improve and safeguard trading profits.

Purchasing the Gold Package gives you 19 video's, including the Introduction Package, so you will have all you need to venture into the world of Soccer Trading.

Gold: - In Gold & Premier, we have only focused on soccer strategies. You will get to see many different strategies where we are taking advantage of various markets available on Betfair. This series will help get into Premier series as you will find more profitable strategies there.

Prepare to see a new sports trading world open up to you.

Smart Soccer Trading Premier Package Stage 3.

Best Option

( 25 video's in total, 12 introduction, 7 Gold, 6 more )

  1. Any Unquoted Correct Score Strategy

  2. Any Unquoted Correct Score Strategy with safeguard.

  3. Under 2.5, and Correct Score markets

  4. Underdog leading at halftime

  5. Both Teams to Score & Correct Score

  6. First Goal 0-10 Minutes

This package is 1 hour 8 minutes of live trades.

Total run time of all 25 videos is 300 minutes (5 hours).

Premier – As pointed out above, Premier series will only talk about soccer strategies.
Basic series lays the foundation for being a successful soccer trader and Gold & Premier series cement that foundation for you.

Purchasing the Premier Package gives you all 25 video's, so you will have all you need to venture into the world of Soccer Trading.


BUY TODAY AND SAVE 33% (£50.00) on the Premier Package 5 hours of videos.


Please note we deliver this Video Series in a Secure portal, like many of our products.



12 Months Access to Smart Soccer Trading

Soccer Trading Complete, Included:

Stage1 Introduction. 12 videos online.

Stage 2, Gold, 7 video's online

Stage 3, Premier, 6 video's online

25 online video's

5 hours of video's

Android Version

Season Price £149.99

Buy Today @ £99.99

Save £50.00

These Portals, are android and DON'T RUN on Apple Products.

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